On 09/04/2014 09:44 PM, Kurt Griffiths wrote:
Does a Qpid/Rabbit/Kafka provisioning service make sense? Probably.

I think something like that would be valuable, especially in conjunction with some application layer proxying and mapping between 'virtual' addresses/endpoints and specific queues/virtual hosts/brokers.

That would allow people to use the brokers, protocols and semantics they are already familiar with, combine different systems even, and have self-provisioning and scalability on top of it, with varying degrees of isolation for tenants.

such a service totally overlap in terms of use-cases with Zaqar? Community
feedback suggests otherwise.

I'd love to read the feedback if you have any links. While I agree overlap is rarely total, I suspect there will be quite a bit and that it will grow as each approach evolves. That emphatically does not mean I think Zaqar should in any way be held back though, just that I think the openstack community should anticipate and indeed encourage other approaches also.

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