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> In fact, I personally have long been a proponent of using the best tool
> for the job. The Zaqar project was kicked off at an unconference session
> several summits ago because the community saw a need that was not covered
> by other messaging systems. Does that mean those other systems are “bad”
> or “wrong”? Of course not. It simply means that there are some cases where
> those other systems aren’t the best tool for the job, and another tool is
> needed (and vice versa).

Apropos of this - I read
with plenty of 'well yes' and 'great way to put it' moments - have you
considered that perhaps kafka (or a matching implementation in
Python/whatever) might make a great bridge between the mailbox needs
your current API offers, and the realtime delivery needs that
oslo.messaging serves.

I don't know if that would look like a different backend, or perhaps a
migration to just offering multi-tenant kafka, but I thought I'd ask
since I don't recall seeing it discussed :).

One reason in particular for me asking is that we have really only a
couple of experiments in pushing events cross-API-server today, and
they aren't super great answers. If we had a clear API that was
scalable and fast enough to replace both those cross-API use cases and
the plumbing use case, we might be able to simplify our stack
substantially - and that would pay off vs the new deployment overhead
of a new component.


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