Hello dear cinder stackers,

Recently, the feature freeze was acted for J3, while I was frantically
trying to tighten the feedback loop on the driver I was working on for
my company, Scality, in hope of getting merged for J3.

I felt I was really close, a lot of reviews coming in the last few
days, and dealing with the timelag for the feedback, as I am under the
impression that a lot of the cinder team is in the US (I am in west

So I asked Duncan what could be done, learned about the FFE, and I am
now humbly asking you guys to give us a last chance to get in for
Juno. I was told that if it was possible the last delay would be next
week, and believe me, we're doing everything we can on our side to be
able to meet that.

I had a patch ready to go in answer to the recent reviews I got, but
wanted to get driver cert log okay before I put if up for reviews. The
situation being what it is, I put that up, and am working on the
driver cert, solving last-minute issues.

I'll understand if that is not possible, and I thank you for your
understanding !

David Pineau, Developer at Scality
IRC handle: joa
Gerrit handle: Joachim

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