For those of you playing the home game ... just added four new screencasts to 
the StackTach.v3 playlist. 

These are technical deep dives into the code added over the last week or so, 
with demos. 
For the more complex topics I spend a little time on the background and 

StackTach.v3: Stream debugging  (24:22)
StackTach.v3: Idempotent pipeline processing and debugging (12:16)
StackTach.v3: Quincy & Quince - the REST API (22:56)
StackTach.v3: Klugman the versioned cmdline tool for Quincy (8:46)

Please add any comments to the video and I'll try to address them there. 

Next ... the move to StackForge!

Have a great weekend!
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