Was looking at the wrong channel last week….
Looked at the minutes. Tnx for raising the topic.
Let’s discuss this week.


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>> Hi,
>> Hope you are doing good.
>> Did we have a meeting last week?
>> I was under the impression it¹s was scheduled to Thursday (as in the
>> but found other meetings in the IRCŠ
>> What am I missing?
>> Do we have one this week?
>Hi Itai,
>Yes there was a meeting last Thursday IN #openstack-meeting @ 1600 UTC,
>the minutes are here:
>This week's meeting will be on Wednesday at 1400 UTC in
>> Also,
>> I sent a mail about the sub groups goals as we agreed ten days ago.
>> Did you see it?
>> Happy to hear your thoughts.
>I did see this and thought it was a great attempt to re-frame the
>discussion (I think I said as much in the meeting). I'm personally still
>mulling over my own thoughts on the matter and how to respond. Maybe we
>will have more opportunity to discuss this week?
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