Hi all,

While requesting a openstack/designate-dashboard project from the TC/
Infra - The topic of why Designate panels, as an incubated project, can't
be merged into openstack/horizon was raised.

In the openstack/governance review[1], Russell asked:

    Hm, I think we should discuss this with the horizon team, then. We are
    telling projects that incubation is a key time for integrating with other
    projects. I would expect merging horizon integration into horizon itself
    to be a part of that.

With this in mind - I'd like to start a conversation with the Horizon,
Tempest and DevStack teams around merging of code to support
Incubated projects - What are the drawbacks?, Why is this currently
frowned upon by the various teams? And - What do each of the parties
believe is the Right Way forward?


[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/119549/

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