I would also like to add that incubated != integrated. There's no telling how 
long a project may stay in incubation or how many changes it may undergo before 
it's deemed ready (see David's reasoning around client changes during RC's).

While the Horizon team has always made every effort to work closely with the 
incubated projects in getting them ready for merge as soon as they're 
officially integrated, doing so prior to that promise of stability, distro 
support, etc. isn't just infeasible, it's dangerous to the Horizon project.

Perhaps instead we should focus on making a better flow for installing 
"experimental" modules in a more official capacity. I always go back to how we 
can help build a better ecosystem. This problem applies to projects which are 
not and may never be incubated just as much as to incubated ones.

Sure, anyone with some know-how *can* load in another dashboard or panel into 
Horizon through their settings, but maybe it's time we looked at how to do this 
in a more user-friendly way.

    - Gabriel

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> Supporting code for incubated projects
> Adding support for incubated projects in Horizon is blocked mainly for
> dependency issues. The way Horizon utilizes the python-*clients we force a
> requirement on distros to now include that version of the client even though
> it is not officially part of OpenStack's integrated release.
> Additionally, we've made exceptions and included incubated project support
> in the past and doing so has been borderline disastrous from a release point
> of view. Things like non-backward compatible client releases have happened
> in the RC cycles.
> I've been struggling with a better way forward. But including directly in the
> Horizon tree, will create problems.
> David
> On 9/9/14, 8:12 AM, "Sean Dague" <s...@dague.net> wrote:
> >On 09/09/2014 07:58 AM, Mac Innes, Kiall wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> While requesting a openstack/designate-dashboard project from the TC/
> >>
> >> Infra ­ The topic of why Designate panels, as an incubated project,
> >>can¹t  be merged into openstack/horizon was raised.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> In the openstack/governance review[1], Russell asked:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>     Hm, I think we should discuss this with the horizon team, then.
> >>We are
> >>     telling projects that incubation is a key time for integrating
> >>with  other
> >>     projects. I would expect merging horizon integration into horizon
> >>itself
> >>     to be a part of that.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> With this in mind ­ I¹d like to start a conversation with the
> >> Horizon, Tempest and DevStack teams around merging of code to support
> >> Incubated projects ­ What are the drawbacks?, Why is this currently
> >> frowned upon by the various teams? And ­ What do each of the parties
> >> believe is the Right Way forward?
> >
> >I though the Devstack and Tempest cases were pretty clear, once things
> >are incubated they are fair game to get added in.
> >
> >Devstack is usually the right starting point, as that makes it easy for
> >everyone to have access to the code, and makes the testability by other
> >systems viable.
> >
> >I currently don't see any designate changes that are passing Jenkins
> >that need to be addressed, is there something that got missed?
> >
> >     -Sean
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