One of the last things blocking Ironic from graduating is deciding
whether or not we need a Nova API proxy for the old baremetal
extension to new fangled Ironic API. The TC has asked that we discuss
whether we think this functionality is actually necessary.

It should be noted that we're _not_ talking about migration of
deployed instances from baremetal to Ironic. That is already
implemented. What we are talking about is if users post-migration
should be able to expect their previous baremetal Nova API extension
to continue to function, or if they should use the Ironic APIs from
that point onwards.

Nova had previously thought this was required, but it hasn't made it
in time for Juno unless we do a FFE, and it has been suggested that
perhaps its not needed at all because it is an admin extension.

To be super specific, we're talking about the "baremetal nodes" admin
extension here. This extension has the ability to:

 - list nodes running baremetal
 - show detail of one of those nodes
 - create a new baremetal node
 - delete a baremetal node

Only the first two of those would be supported if we implemented a proxy.

So, discuss.


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