On 09/09/2014 11:22 PM, Russell Bryant wrote:
> On 09/09/2014 05:24 PM, Michael Still wrote:
>> Hi.
>> One of the last things blocking Ironic from graduating is deciding
>> whether or not we need a Nova API proxy for the old baremetal
>> extension to new fangled Ironic API. The TC has asked that we discuss
>> whether we think this functionality is actually necessary.
>> It should be noted that we're _not_ talking about migration of
>> deployed instances from baremetal to Ironic. That is already
>> implemented. What we are talking about is if users post-migration
>> should be able to expect their previous baremetal Nova API extension
>> to continue to function, or if they should use the Ironic APIs from
>> that point onwards.
>> Nova had previously thought this was required, but it hasn't made it
>> in time for Juno unless we do a FFE, and it has been suggested that
>> perhaps its not needed at all because it is an admin extension.
>> To be super specific, we're talking about the "baremetal nodes" admin
>> extension here. This extension has the ability to:
>>  - list nodes running baremetal
>>  - show detail of one of those nodes
>>  - create a new baremetal node
>>  - delete a baremetal node
>> Only the first two of those would be supported if we implemented a proxy.
>> So, discuss.
> I'm in favor of proceeding with deprecation without requiring the API proxy.
> In the case of user facing APIs, the administrators in charge of
> upgrading the cloud do not have full control over all of the apps using
> the APIs.  In this particular case, I would expect that the cloud
> administrators have *complete* control over the use of these APIs.
> Assuming we have one overlap release (Juno) to allow the migration to
> occur and given proper documentation of the migration plan and release
> notes stating the fact that the old APIs are going away, we should be fine.
> In summary, +1 to moving forward without the API proxy requirement.

The thing is, we have the patch -
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/120433/, so it's not like there is a
zomg run around to get the patch.

I think we should FFE this patch as it provides a smoother transition
from baremetal to ironic. The patch is extremely low risk to the rest of
Nova, as it's a surface proxy feature, so lets just land it and move


Sean Dague

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