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> > 3. Another long-term topic is standardizing our APIs so that we use
> > consistent terminology and formatting (I think we have at least 3 forms
> > of errors returned now?). I’m not sure we have anyone ready to drive
> > this, yet, so I don’t think it’s something to consider for Kilo.
> +10
> Frankly, I believe this should be our #1 priority from a cross-project
> perspective.
> The inconsistencies in the current APIs (even within the same project's
> APIs!) is just poor form and since our REST APIs are the very first
> impression that we give to the outside developer community, it really is
> incumbent on us to make sure they are explicit, free of side-effects,
> well-documented, consistent, easy-to-use, and hide implementation
> details thoroughly.


The REST API consistency is important for whole OpenStack projects,
The list for it in my mind is that
 * API URL/Attribute naming
 * HTTP status code on success
 * Behavior against wrong input (HTTP status code, message in a response)
It is difficult to apply them to all projects, but it would be worth
for improving the quality from the viewpoint of the outside world.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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