On 2014-09-13 15:39:30 +0530 (+0530), Sharan Kumar M wrote:
> I am about to submit my first patch.

Welcome to our contributor community! I'm going to apologize in
advance for the convoluted way in which our projects accept code
contributions, but it's streamlined for high-volume contributors
(which it's very efficient at enabling) but can be a bit of an
initial hassle for first-time or casual contributors.

> I saw the contributions guidelines in the documentations.

It doesn't sound like you did. Please *carefully* follow the
instructions here:


There is a legal agreement you'll need to confirm if you want to
contribute patches to most of our official projects, which as a
prerequisite requires that you first join the OpenStack Foundation
as a (free) member. The process is basically instantaneous, but if
you skip steps or do them out of order you're going to end up
confused very quickly.

> Just to make it clear, is it that I issue a pull request in
> GitHub, which automatically pushes my patch to gerrit?

We do not use Github to run the OpenStack Project. We are a free
project, and Github is not free software.

> Also, I found something called change-Id in the commit message. Is
> it the hash code for the git commit? If yes, should we prefix a
> 'I' in the beginning of hash code? 

This is an implementation detail of our code review system, which
tools should create for you (it's normally generated by a Git hook
which is installed in your local repository configuration the first
time you run 'git review' and then gets inserted into commit
messages for you on each subsequent commit message edit in that
repository). Please do not manually construct the Change-Id for a
Jeremy Stanley

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