1)  install git-review and set it up (poke around openstack docs)
2) after crafting your patch in a new branch (git branch name-of-branch-you-are-working-on), commit the changes (git add -a), craft a commit message, save it, and then type git review If everything is correct, it will submit to openstack's ci machine ( and you can track CI testing + reviews and such.

Also - cool to see you working on OpenStack!


On 09/13/2014 03:09 AM, Sharan Kumar M wrote:


I am about to submit my first patch. I saw the contributions guidelines
in the documentations. Just to make it clear, is it that I issue a pull
request in GitHub, which automatically pushes my patch to gerrit? Also,
I found something called change-Id in the commit message. Is it the hash
code for the git commit? If yes, should we prefix a 'I' in the beginning
of hash code?

Sharan Kumar M

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