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> I've recently been thinking a lot about Sean's Layers stuff. So I wrote
> a blog post which Jim Blair and Devananda were kind enough to help me edit.

Thanks for writing that Monty.  Sean took a concept meant for organizing
the relationships in DevStack and Grenade and made it relatable to
OpenStack as a whole.  This brings it out where we can actually use it as a

I do think there is value in distinctions between the original layers 1,2
and 3 (you combined 1 and 2).  But for non-technical purposes 1 and 2 are
indeed the same.

Suggestion 6: Isn't it funny how everything old is new again?  The DevStack
exercises started out as exactly this, then grew more functional over time
until Tempest came along.  How hipster is that?

Suggestion 9:  Wouldn't it be wonderful if a small set of cloud definition
files could be used for the myriad of user tools out there?  Standards, we
don't have enough of them!

In the long term I would like to see more of our base (toolsets and
services) be pluggable so that the less-blessed projects can participate
without requiring additions to the base repos.  This should also be true
for user-facing tools.  OpenStackClient already picks up installed plugins
with the proper entry points configured so everything doesn't need to be in
the primary repo to play along.



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