On 2014-09-18 15:21:20 -0400 (-0400), Jay Dobies wrote:
How many of the reviews that we WIP-1 will actually be revisited?

I'm sure there will be cases where a current developer forgetting
they had started on something, seeing the e-mail about the WIP-1,
and then abandoning the change.

But what about developers who have moved off the project entirely?
Is this only masking the problem of stale reviews from our review
stats and leaving the review queue to bloat?

What is "review queue bloat" in this scenario? How is a change
indefinitely left in Gerrit with "workflow -1" set any different
from a change indefinitely left in Gerrit with "abandoned" set? It's
not like we go through and purge changes from Gerrit based on these,
and they take up just as much space and other resources in either

Ah, ok. I assumed the abandoned ones were reaped over time. Perhaps it's just a matter of me writing different searches when I want to ignore the workflow -1s.

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