On 2014-09-18 08:06:11 +0000 (+0000), Sullivan, Jon Paul wrote:
> In my experience if the check results are not fresh enough the
> recheck is automatically run.  I am not on the infra team, so
> without looking up code I am just guessing, but my guess is that
> the workflow score change triggers the check on the presumption
> that it has been approved, not accounting for the recent(ish)
> update that move wip to the workflow score.

We turned off that behavior a couple months ago when the merge-check
pseudo-job was implemented to automatically -1 any open changes with
merge conflicts each time a new change merges to their target
branch. This covered the majority of the problems identified by the
freshness check, but without using any of our worker pool.

> This is not solely about finding reviews.  It is about pruning
> stale reviews.  I think the auto-abandon code was excellent at
> doing this, but alas, it is no more. 

I think it was excellent at arbitrarily abandoning open changes
which happened to meet a poorly-thought-out set of criteria. I'm
personally quite glad it broke and we didn't waste time
reimplementing something similar for new Gerrit versions.
Jeremy Stanley

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