On 09/21/2014 11:30 AM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
Hi Thomas,

Several people, many of whom are core contributors to other projects, have
asked that this discussion not be continued in this venue. Discussion of
the decisions of the core-developers of requests are not appropriate for
this list. All three of us have email addresses that you can retrieve from
anywhere you please. There’s a mailing list for request, albeit very
lightly trafficked, and there’s twitter. Further, I’m disappointed that
you felt it appropriate or necessary to result to personal attacks on this
list. At the very least you could have contained those to Twitter like
others in this thread have done. I expected a more civil response on the
openstack-dev mailing list.

For those of us interested in this conversation, I ask that whatever decisions (if any) that come out of those discussions, that somebody please do post to the openstack-dev ML a summary of those decisions or actions.

Thanks much in advance,

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