On 09/21/2014 11:30 PM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Several people, many of whom are core contributors to other projects, have
> asked that this discussion not be continued in this venue. Discussion of
> the decisions of the core-developers of requests are not appropriate for
> this list. All three of us have email addresses that you can retrieve from
> anywhere you please. There’s a mailing list for request, albeit very
> lightly trafficked, and there’s twitter.
> Cheers,
> Ian


I don't use non-free software as a service platform such as twitter,
even less for discussing about software development. I anyway tried
twitter and didn't like it.

I first didn't reply to any discussion about vendoring, but then I saw
*a lot* of this discussion happening in this list. Because of that, I
thought I couldn't left it unanswered. Now that I did answer to so many
points of your argumentation, you're telling me to go away from this
list and do it somewhere else.

In some cases, its looking like you're just closing discussions and tell
everyone to "go away" from your own channel of communication. It shows here:

Will the discussion stay open if I'm joining your list? Will you guys be
open minded with someone with a different view? If so, I may try to make
a new attempt. Please do open a topic on your list with my last reply as
a start, and just CC me (I don't really want to register to

> Further, I’m disappointed that you felt it appropriate or necessary
> to result to personal attacks on this list. At the very least you
> could have contained those to Twitter like others in this thread have
> done. I expected a more civil response on the openstack-dev mailing
> list.

I have re-read myself multiple times to make sure that there was no such
thing as personal attacks. I tried to use a nice tone, and have a solid
argumentation. It's looking like I failed. :(

If there's some words which you consider as a personal attack, please
feel free to quote them in a private mail, and let me know (away from
this list) where I was not nice enough, so that I get to know which part
you didn't like.

Though remember something: it's very common to read someone from a list,
and believe that there's an aggressive, when in fact, the intention is
only to be convincing. Please assume good faith.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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