On 23/09/2014 1:59 AM, "Clint Byrum" <cl...@fewbar.com> wrote:
> Geoff, do you expect all of our users to write all of their messaging
> code in Python?
> oslo.messaging is a _python_ library.
> Zaqar is a service with a REST API -- accessible to any application.

No I do not.   I am suggesting thaf a well designed, scalable and robust
messaging layer can meet the requirements of both as well as a number of
other openstack servuces.  How the messaging layer is consumed isn't the

Below is what I originally posted.

> > --------
> > It seems to my casual view that we could have one and scale that and
use it
> > for SQS style messages, internal messaging (which could include logging)
> > all managed by message schemas and QoS.  This would give a very robust
> > flexible system for endpoints to consume.
> >
> > Is there a plan to consolidate?

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