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> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 07:42:30AM -0400, Sean Dague wrote:
>> On 09/23/2014 02:56 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Rather than waste a design summit session about it, I propose we review
>>> the proposed Kilo release cycle schedule on the mailing-list. See
>>> attached PDF for a picture of the proposal.
>>> The hard date the proposal is built around is the next ("L") Design
>>> Summit week: May 18-22. That pushes back far into May (the farthest
>>> ever). However the M design summit being very likely to come back in
>>> October, the release date was set to April 23 to smooth the difference.
>>> That makes 3 full weeks between release and design summit (like in
>>> Hong-Kong), allowing for an official "off-week" on the week of May 4-8.
>> Honestly, the off-week really isn't. If we're going to talk about
>> throwing a stall week into the dev cycle for spacing, I'd honestly
>> rather just push the release back, and be clear to folks that the summer
>> cycle is going to be shorter. The off-week I think just causes us to
>> lose momentum.
> I didn't really notice anyone stop working in the last off-week we
> had. Changes kept being submitted at normal rate, people kept talking
> on IRC, etc, etc. An off-week is a nice idea in theory but it didn't
> seem to have much effect in practice AFAICT.
>>> The rest of the proposal is mostly a no-brainer. Like always, we allow a
>>> longer time for milestone 2, to take into account the end-of-year
>>> holidays. That gives:
>>> Kilo Design Summit: Nov 4-7
>>> Kilo-1 milestone: Dec 11
>> The one thing that felt weird about the cadence of the 1st milestone in
>> Havana last year was that it was super start / stop. Dec 11 means that
>> we end up with 2 weeks until christmas, so many people are starting to
>> wind down. My suggestion would be to push K1 to Dec 18, because I think
>> you won't get much K2 content landed that week anyway.
>> For US people at least this would change the Dec cadence from:
>> * Holiday Week - Nov 28 is thanksgiving
>> * Dev Week
>> * Milestone Week
>> * Dev Week
>> * sort of Holiday Week
>> * Holiday Week
>> To:
>> * Holiday Week
>> * Dev Week
>> * Dev Week
>> * Milestone Week
>> * sort of Holiday Week
>> * Holiday Week
>> Which I feel is going to get more done. If we take back the off week, we
>> could just shift everything back a week, which makes K2 less split by
>> christmas.
>>> Kilo-2 milestone: Jan 29
>>> Kilo-3 milestone, feature freeze: March 12
>>> 2015.1 ("Kilo") release: Apr 23
>>> L Design Summit: May 18-22
> I find it kind of wierd that we have 1 month gap between Kilo being
> released and the L design summit taking place. The design summits are
> supposed to be where we talk about & agree the big themes of the
> release, but we've already had 4+ weeks of working on the release by
> the time the summit takes place ?!?! Not to mention that we branched

I like the extra time, and there are lots of ways to make it productive: do the 
little cleanup tasks that are always put off; plan better for the summit 
sessions by preparing proof-of-concept code; fix more bugs; work on stable 
branches. I don’t think it’s necessary to wait until after the summit to start 
any work at all on the next release. We’re certainly not waiting in Oslo.

> even before that, so work actually takes place even further in advance
> of the design summit. I feel this is a contributing factor to the first
> milestone being comparatively less productive than the later milestones
> and causes big work to get pushed out later in the cycle. We really want
> to try and encourage work to happen earlier in the cycles to avoid the
> big crunch in m3. Is there a reason for this big gap between release
> and summit, or can we let Kilo go longer by 2-3 weeks, so we have better
> alignment between design summit happening & milestone1 dev cycle start ?
> Regards,
> Daniel
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