On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 1:40 PM, Chris Friesen
> Why not do something like what is done for the userspace/kernel syscall
> API? Userspace code tries to use the most recent one it knows about, if
> that comes back as "not a valid syscall" then it tries the next older
> version.  As long as trying to use unsupported options fails cleanly, there
> is no ambiguity.

[Since Jamie isn't around to I'll brag about his stuff instead]

This work has been going on, slowly, and is in place for the current
Keystone client lib when using the new auth plugins.  IIRC, for Identity
only now, other APIs coming.

Part of the fun is the diverse ways versions are reported by each project.
There have been summit sessions and conversations and we are basically
still here so the focus is on using what we have since we'll need to
support it for quite some time yet.

JSON Home seems flexible enough to be able to take on this role, I hope I
am reading the RFC correctly.  I think the API docs mentioned earlier in
this thread is an appropriate place to hang these suggestions also.



Dean Troyer
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