On Thursday, Sept 25 at 00:01 UTC we will freeze project-configuration
related changes to the openstack-infra/config repo.

This is part of an effort to move project-related configuration out of
the config repository and into its own repo.  The goals are both to make
the existing config repo (soon to be renamed to system-config) more
re-usable by other parties, as well as to make it easier for people
interested in maintaining the CI and developer systems of the OpenStack
project to collaborate.

In other words, we're moving all of the Jenkins, Zuul, and Gerrit
configuration files into their own repo.  This means you can review
these changes without having to deal with all that puppet stuff we're
always doing.  And if you want to make our puppet very shiny but don't
want to deal with all those new projects and their jobs, we'll have a
repo for that too.  I'll write more about this after the move.

The work is described in this spec (including a list of affected files):


We anticipate that the actual cutover will happen sometime Thursday, and
we will follow up with an update when the freeze is over.  Note that
after the cutover, project configuration changes will need to be
proposed to the new repo (and any changes that miss the freeze cutoff
will need to be re-proposed).


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