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> On 09/24/2014 03:31 PM, Alan Kavanagh wrote:
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> > Steven
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> > I have to ask what is the motivation and benefits we get from 
> > integrating Kubernetes into Openstack? Would be really useful if you 
> > can elaborate and outline some use cases and benefits Openstack and 
> > Kubernetes can gain.
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> > /Alan
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> Alan,
> I am either unaware or ignorant of another Docker scheduler that is 
> currently available that has a big (100+ folks) development community.  
> Kubernetes meets these requirements and is my main motivation for using 
> it to schedule Docker containers.  There are other ways to skin this cat 
> - The TripleO folks wanted at one point to deploy nova with the nova 
> docker VM manager to do such a thing. This model seemed a little clunky 
> to me since it isn't purpose built around containers.

Agreed. Containers are a special kind of workload, not a VM. However, I
do think that a container manager could be taught manage vms and vice

> As far as use cases go, the main use case is to run a specific Docker 
> container on a specific Kubernetes "minion" bare metal host. These 
> docker containers are then composed of the various config tools and 
> services for each detailed service in OpenStack.  For example, mysql 
> would be a container, and tools to configure the mysql service would 
> exist in the container.  Kubernetes would pass config options for the 
> mysql database prior to scheduling and once scheduled, Kubernetes would 
> be responsible for connecting the various containers together.

I like it. This is just good old fashioned encapsulation, finally
applied to ops.

I also like that it rides on top of OpenStack entirely, and doesn't have
to be integrated.

However, this does make me think that Keystone domains should be exposable
to services inside your cloud for use as SSO. It would be quite handy
if the keystone users used for the VMs that host Kubernetes could use
the same credentials to manage the containers.

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