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> Excerpts from Fox, Kevin M's message of 2014-09-25 09:13:26 -0700:
> > Why can't you manage baremetal and containers from a single host with
> nova/neutron? Is this a current missing feature, or has the development
> teams said they will never implement it?
> >
> It's a bug.
> But it is also a complexity that isn't really handled well in Nova's current
> design. Nova wants to send the workload onto the machine, and that is it. In
> this case, you have two workloads, one hosted on the other, and Nova has
> no model for that. You end up in a weird situation where one
> (baremetal) is host for other (containers) and no real way to separate the
> two or identify that dependency.

Ideally, like you say, you should be able to have one host managed by two 
different nova drivers in the same cell. But I think today, you can simply use 
two different cells and it should work? One cell for deploying bare metal 
images, of which one image is provided that contains the nova docker compute 
resources. The other cell used to support launching docker instances on those 
hosts. To the end user, it still looks like one unified cloud like we all want, 
but under the hood, its two separate subclouds. An under and an overcloud.

> I think it's worth pursuing in OpenStack, but Steven is solving deployment of
> OpenStack today with tools that exist today. I think Kolla may very well
> prove that the container approach is too different from Nova's design and
> wants to be more separate, at which point our big tent will be in an
> interesting position: Do we adopt Kubernetes and put an OpenStack API on
> it, or do we re-implement it.

That is a very interesting question, worth pursuing.

I think either way, most of the work is going to be in dockerizing the 
services. So that alone is worth playing with too.

I managed to get libvirt to work in docker once. It was a pain. Getting nova 
and neutron bits in that container too would be even harder. I'm waiting to try 
again until I know that systemd will run nicely inside a docker container. It 
would make managing the startup/stopping of the container much easier to get 


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