We have faced this situation in Solum several times. And in fact this was one 
of the topics
that we discussed in our last irc meeting.

We landed on separating the sample check from pep8 gate into a non-voting gate.
One reason to keep the sample check is so that when say a feature in your code 
due to some upstream changes and for which you don't have coverage in your 
functional tests then
a non-voting but failing sample check gate can be used as a starting point of 
the failure investigation.

More details about the discussion can be found here:

- Devdatta

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On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 12:23 PM, Lucas Alvares Gomes 
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Today we have hit the problem of having an outdated sample
configuration file again[1]. The problem of the sample generation is
that it picks up configuration from other projects/libs
(keystoneclient in that case) and this break the Ironic gate without
us doing anything.

So, what you guys think about removing the test that compares the
configuration files and makes it no longer gate[2]?

We already have a tox command to generate the sample configuration
file[3], so folks that needs it can generate it locally.

Does anyone disagree?

+1 to this, but I think we should document how to generate the sample config
in our documentation (install guide?).

David Shrewsbury (Shrews)
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