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>>>both "State" (admin_state_up)  and "Status² are usually used in Neutron
>>>but it seems the meaning of "State" and "Status" are reversed...
>>> I am really confused what is the right usage of these words....
>>state: the particular condition that someone or something is in at a
>> specific time.
>> example: "the state of the company's finances"
>> status: the position of affairs at a particular time, especially in
>> political or commercial contexts.
>> example: "an update on the status of the bill"

If it helps, ³state² many times is conceptually an attribute closely
attached to, or part of an item, while ³status² tends to be an attribute
applied by others to the item.  State feels more like an absolute, while
status feels more contextual, fluid or consensus based.

I tend to use the terms thus:

A state is what a resource consider itself to be:
        ³Change the state of this resource to <disabled>²

A status is what others conclude about a resource:
        ³The resource's status is <not responding to requests>²

For this discussion, the desired concept seems to be more the precise,
³comp sci state machine² one.  The context where the term is used implies
(at least to me) an assumption of absoluteness or active control and not
simply a passive interpretation of behavior.

To me this says ³state² is the right choice :-)


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