Hello All, 

I wanted to start a discussion on floating IP management and ultimately
decide how the LBaaS group wants to handle the association. 

There is a need to utilize floating IPs(FLIP) and its API calls to
associate a FLIP to the neutron port that we currently spin up. 

See DOCS here:

> http://docs.openstack.org/api/openstack-network/2.0/content/floatingip_create.html

Currently, LBaaS will make internal service calls (clean interface :/) to 
create and attach a Neutron port. 
The VIP from this port is added to the Loadbalancer object of the Load balancer 
configuration and returned to the user.

This creates a bit of a problem if we want to associate a FLIP with the port 
and display the FLIP to the user instead of
the ports VIP because the port is currently created and attached in the plugin 
and there is no code anywhere to handle the FLIP

To keep this short and to the point:

We need to discuss where and how we want to handle this association. I have a 
few questions to start it off. 

Do we want to add logic in the plugin to call the FLIP association API?

If we have logic in the plugin should we have configuration that identifies 
weather to use/return the FLIP instead the port VIP?

Would we rather have logic for FLIP association in the drivers?

If logic is in the drivers would we still return the port VIP to the user then 
later overwrite it with the FLIP? 
Or would we have configuration to not return the port VIP initially, but an 
additional query would show the associated FLIP.

Is there an internal service call for this, and if so would we use it instead 
of API calls? 

Theres plenty of other thoughts and questions to be asked and discussed in 
regards to FLIP handling, 
hopefully this will get us going. I'm certain I may not be completely 
understanding this and 
is the hopes of this email to clarify any uncertainties. 

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