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> Signed PGP part
> On 06/10/14 17:56, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> > The Oslo team is responsible for managing code shared between
> > projects. There are a LOT more projects than Oslo team members, so
> > we created the liaison program at the beginning of the Juno cycle,
> > asking each team that uses Oslo libraries to provide one volunteer
> > liaison. Our liaisons facilitate communication and work with us to
> > make the application code changes needed as code moves out of the
> > incubator and into libraries. With this extra help in place, we
> > were able to successfully graduate 7 new libraries and begin having
> > them adopted across OpenStack.
> >
> > With the change-over to the new release cycle, it’s time to ask for
> > volunteers to sign up to be liaisons again. If you are interested
> > in acting as a liaison for your project, please sign up on the wiki
> > page [1]. It would be very helpful to have a full roster before the
> > summit, so we can make sure liaisons are invited to participate in
> > any relevant discussions there.
> >
> > Thanks, Doug
> >
> > [1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Oslo/ProjectLiaisons
> Quoting the page: "The liaison should be a core reviewer for the
> project." Is it a reasonable limitation? I suspect that being an Oslo
> liaison usually does not really require the core status. Any team
> member with visible level of participation in the project and decent
> communication skills should be able to do the job.
> Why I ask: I would probably consider signing up for the liaison
> program from Neutron side if 1) the program rules would not be that
> tight; and 2) current Neutron Oslo liaison (Salvatore?) wouldn't be
> against it.

We need someone who can push patches into the project and understands the code 
well enough to be able to do that without delay. Usually that means a core 
reviewer. If the Neutron team commits to working closely with you on patches to 
avoid delays, that would achieve the same ends.


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