Last cycle the Ironic liaison wasn't a core reviewer and things worked. So I agree with the idea of relaxing the recommendation.

Ghe Rivero (Ironic liaison)

On 07/10/14 14:50, Doug Hellmann wrote:

On Oct 7, 2014, at 7:55 AM, Ihar Hrachyshka <> wrote:

Signed PGP part
On 06/10/14 17:56, Doug Hellmann wrote:
The Oslo team is responsible for managing code shared between
projects. There are a LOT more projects than Oslo team members, so
we created the liaison program at the beginning of the Juno cycle,
asking each team that uses Oslo libraries to provide one volunteer
liaison. Our liaisons facilitate communication and work with us to
make the application code changes needed as code moves out of the
incubator and into libraries. With this extra help in place, we
were able to successfully graduate 7 new libraries and begin having
them adopted across OpenStack.

With the change-over to the new release cycle, it’s time to ask for
volunteers to sign up to be liaisons again. If you are interested
in acting as a liaison for your project, please sign up on the wiki
page [1]. It would be very helpful to have a full roster before the
summit, so we can make sure liaisons are invited to participate in
any relevant discussions there.

Thanks, Doug


Quoting the page: "The liaison should be a core reviewer for the
project." Is it a reasonable limitation? I suspect that being an Oslo
liaison usually does not really require the core status. Any team
member with visible level of participation in the project and decent
communication skills should be able to do the job.

Why I ask: I would probably consider signing up for the liaison
program from Neutron side if 1) the program rules would not be that
tight; and 2) current Neutron Oslo liaison (Salvatore?) wouldn't be
against it.

We need someone who can push patches into the project and understands the code 
well enough to be able to do that without delay. Usually that means a core 
reviewer. If the Neutron team commits to working closely with you on patches to 
avoid delays, that would achieve the same ends.


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