So things have been pretty quiet on the QuintupleO front since the
mid-cycle, but I have finally had a chance to set up an environment to
do some experimentation with it.  I don't have anything ready for
primetime, but I was able to do an Ironic deploy of the undercloud image
from a devtest-built seed image, all in a modified Devstack install.
I've written up the details in a blog post:

It's a bit long, so as a tldr here's the summary of the status from the
end of the post:

"With these changes it would theoretically be possible to use QuintupleO
for the TripleO CI environment. The biggest issue I'm aware of would be
the fact that the Ironic code in the images would not be
OpenStack-aware, so we would need to cherry-pick my changes in every
image build. That's something we typically prefer to avoid, so I think a
final version of the Ironic OpenStack driver should be the top priority
right now. The other changes could be applied to a CI OpenStack
installation and largely left alone without affecting any of our
testing. Long-term, of course, we want to get all of this functionality
enabled in the respective projects by default. That will need to happen
before TripleO development in a public OpenStack cloud can happen.

And that's pretty much the state of QuintupleO from my perspective. I
would love to have some more discussions about short and long-term plans
for this either in Paris or before, if possible."

Any comments or questions, you know where I idle in IRC. :-)


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