At the moment OpenStack infrastructure doesn't allow to customize the
bugs it creates, we should propose a patch at some point to implement
that. When we do, I think we should assign such bugs automatically to
fuel-docs team.

I don't think we should separate user and dev docs bugs, we're working
in the opposite direction towards merging dev docs into fuel-docs:

Where is your 80% dev vs user docs figure coming from?

I think that whether it's dev or user documentation, a technical
writer should drive the process, collect information from the commit
author, and add it to the right documentation areas. It's commit
author's responsibility to provide an informative commit message in
the first place, to answer technical writer's questions, and to review
docs commits that address the DocImpact bug.

On Oct 8, 2014 10:59 AM, "Mike Scherbakov" <> wrote:
> Very good improvement in our documentation process.
> Is there a way to configure it, so bugs would be created with tag "docs" 
> automatically? It would simplify triaging process I believe.
> From the other hand, as far as I understand, up to 80% of commits with 
> "DocImpact" will impact development documentation (or it's intended to be 
> affecting only user documentation?). It would be hard for tech writers, who 
> are mostly specialized in Fuel user docs, to work on low-level details of 
> how, let's say, l23network [1] works.
> Do we want to separate docs bugs somehow, user/dev?
> In other words, what would be the flow, who becomes responsible for fixing 
> bugs created automatically by Infra?
> [1] 
> On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 5:34 PM, Sergii Golovatiuk <> 
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Fuel Summit '2014 we discussed our Documentation process. According to 
>> follow up we aligned it to OpenStack 'DocImpact' process. The new process 
>> has been tested on background by me and Bogdan Dobrelya. Today, I have 
>> updated Fuel Documentation Process so we are making it official.
>> Why?
>> Developer perspective:
>> It gives more flexibility for the developers to participate in Documentation 
>> Process. Every time when the Reviewer sees that patch requires Documentation 
>> update, it may ask the Commiter to update 'Commit Message' with DocImpact 
>> message. Once patch passes the review Openstack Infra will trigger a new bug 
>> in Launchpad that should be assigned to Fuel Documentation team.
>> From Fuel Documentation Team perspective:
>> When Fuel Documentation Team sees this bug they know who was the commiter 
>> and reviewers and whom they should add for documentation review.
>> Community:
>> Community member may ask the developer to put 'DocImpact' message when it's 
>> required.

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