Hi all -

I’ve drafted up my next brilliant idea for how to get Openstack projects to use 
SQLAlchemy more effectively.   The proposal here establishes significant detail 
on what’s wrong with the current state of things, e.g. the way I see 
EngineFacade, get_session() and get_engine() being used, and proposes a new 
system that provides a true facade around a managed context.   But of course, 
it requires that you all change your code!  (a little bit).  Based on just a 
few tiny conversations on IRC so far, seems like this might be a hard sell.  
But please note, most projects are pretty much broken in how they use the 
database - this proposal is just a first step to making it all non-broken, if 
not as amazing and cool as some people wish it could be.  Unbreaking the code 
and removing boilerplate is the first step - with sane and declarative patterns 
in place, we can then build in more bells and whistles.

Hoping you’re all super curious now, here it is!  Jump in:  

- mike

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