On 09/10/14 09:07 AM, John Garbutt wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to run for a seat on the Technical Committee, to help
> serve the whole OpenStack community during this time of change.
> I am employed by Rackspace, working on their public cloud. I am
> currently focus mostly on Nova. I am nova-core, and currently nova's
> blueprint czar. I am johnthetubaguy on IRC.
> I started contributing to OpenStack, working as a researcher at Citrix
> in December 2010. I helped create Citrix's Project Olympus packaging
> of OpenStack (nova, swift and glance). After "a change in strategy" I
> started working more on making OpenStack work with XenServer, setting
> up one of the first Nova sub groups. After my move to Rackspace in
> February 2013, I was able to work on all parts of Nova, and quickly
> got more involved with a wider range of upstream activities.
> I find the work of building a consensus really rewarding. I don't
> claim to have all the answers, but I know we need change, so we can
> scale out the community, while at the same time we preserving the true
> nature of this awesome community.
> ** Topic: OpenStack Mission
> ** How do you feel the technical community is doing in meeting the
> OpenStack Mission?
> Its a bold mission, and I think it is still the right one.
> "serve developers, users, and the entire ecosystem"
> I think we need to be better at the serving the entire ecosystem.
> Look at Vi vs Emacs. StachTach vs Celiometer? We are a big community,
> we should learn to embrace the diversity, where goals don't quite
> align. But we still want it to be easy for anyone to join in with any
> exiting effort people are working on. People invest in competing
> startups.
> On the other side of the coin, its hard for our users to know what
> combinations of drivers give you are working system, and a system that
> solves the problems the user wants to solve. Distros and consultants
> are helping fix that. But I am not sure the Vendors always know what
> they need to participate in the most useful ways.
> We need to better understand what "interoperability" means with this
> broader scope. But making it easy for people to use multiple different
> OpenStack implementations is important. Nova API should always behave
> like Nova API, Cinder API should always behave like Cinder API, etc.
> ** Topic: Technical Committee Mission
> ** How do you feel the technical committee is doing in meeting the
> technical committee mission?
> TC is clearly aways striving to do better, and trying out new ideas,
> which is great.
> Evolving the concept of the integrated release is clearly key to
> making the system scale. There seems to have been much friction over
> the incubation process.
> Helping share what has worked well between all the projects, seems key
> to providing technical leadership at large scale. Thats starting to
> happen, which is cool.
> Should the TC reduce its scope to some small number of projects? I am
> not sure. Maybe there needs to be a different group setup to deal with
> the specifics related to that group of projects? Maybe ttx's cross
> project meeting is already the beginnings of that group?
> ** Topic: Contributor Motivation
> ** How would you characterise the various facets of contributor motivation?
> I feel we are a community of problem solvers, and wanting to
> collaborate and make an impact.
> Many of us do this work as (some or all) for our full time jobs. That
> leads to people being put into a position where the problems they are
> able to work on can be constrained by their employer.
> We need to get better at educating those who employ people working on
> OpenStack, on how they can get the best out of their investment. For
> example, not testing things upstream, is really going to hurt.
> ** Topic: Rate of Growth
> ** There is no argument the OpenStack technical community has a
> substantial rate of growth. What are some of the consequences of this
> rate?
> Yes, its hurting, and it touches everything. But thats fun, and brings
> new ideas, and challenges, which keeps us evolving and adapting. We
> need to take care to unlearn things that get in the way too.
> ** Topic: New Contributor Experience
> ** How would you characterize the experience new contributors have currently?
> I enjoyed how I was welcomed into the OpenStack community. But it was
> scary then, and it has to be worse now. We all need to do our part to
> be open and welcoming to people.
> But we should probably look at who is leaving our community. I
> certainly see people step back due to frustrated with the contribution
> process. Sometimes burning out after feeling like their ideas are
> "torn to shreds" or feel like the are battling pointless bureaucracy.
> The solutions are hard, but it feels like getting better at
> documenting the "intent" of a process, would help, better setting of
> expectations around how debates will work, would help. I find rather
> than trying to "merge my patch", its better to collaborate in "solving
> my problem".
> ** Topic: Communication
> ** How would you describe our current state of communication in the
> OpenStack community?
> Its not terrible. I think we could do better at on boarding people
> without previous open source community experience. There is a lot of
> email, but the tagging seems to make filtering some of it possible.
> Cross project discussions seem to have improved with the mid cycle
> meet ups. Certainly need to keep track of what was decided, and share
> with those who couldn't make it. I do hope, one day, we can come up
> remote participation that works.
> ** Topic: Relationship with the Foundation Board
> ** The technical committee interacts with the foundation board on
> several different fronts. How would you describe these interactions?
> Not having been on the TC before, its hard to comment. Seems like they
> are talking to each other, which is good news.
> ** "Open development model, Open design process, Open community"
> I want to make sure we keep these principles alive. Its easy to be too
> inward looking, and stop being open to new people and ideas. We can
> scale by continuing to be Open.
> Thank you for reading!
> John
> @johnthetubaguy
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