On 10/09/2014 02:39 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
On 2014-10-09 11:31:37 -0600 (-0600), Chris Friesen wrote:
Just curious...why do we remove the stable branches for old
releases? Is the idea to force people onto new branches?

It's twofold. First, it's to indicate that the branch will be
getting no new patches ever. Second, it's because that's the only
good way to get Gerrit to refuse backports developers may try to
propose to the branch in error.

Okay, makes sense.

It seems like this just makes more work for people that are
maintaining older releases since it means they need to make sure
to mirror things before they go EOL.

No need to mirror them. The final commit to the stable/havana branch
is tagged havana-eol prior to deletion, as my announcement a couple
weeks ago mentioned. This preserves the commit history indefinitely,
so you can always create a local branch from that if you so desire.

Ah, okay. Apparently I skimmed too quickly and missed the part about it being tagged still.

Thanks for the explanation.


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