We are coming down the the last day plus hours for voting in the TC

Search your gerrit preferred email address[2] for the following subject:
Poll: OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) Election - October 2014

That is your ballot and links you to the voting application. Please
vote. If you have voted, please encourage your colleagues to vote.

Candidate statements are linked to the names of all confirmed

To help people compare candidates on an even basis, this time we
introduced questions, which all candidates have taken the time to
answer. Please read the responses to help you select your 6 favourite

What to do if you don't see the email and have a commit in at least one
of the official programs projects[1]:
     * check the trash of your gerrit Preferred Email address[2], in
case it went into trash or spam
     * wait a bit and check again, in case your email server is a bit slow
     * find the sha of at least one commit from the program project
repos[1] and email me and Tristan[0]. If we can confirm that you are
entitled to vote, we will add you to the voters list and you will be
emailed a ballot.

Please vote!

Thank you,

[0] Anita: anteaya at anteaya dot info
     Tristan: tristan dot cacqueray at enovance dot com
[2] Sign into review.openstack.org: Go to Settings > Contact
Information. Look at the email listed as your Preferred Email. That is
where the ballot has been sent.

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