I like measuring code metrics, and I definitely support Joe's change
here. I think of McCabe complexity as a proxy for testability and
readability of code, both of which are IMO actual real problems in the
nova codebase. If you are an experienced openstack dev you might find
the code easy to move around, but large and complex functions are
difficult for beginners to grok.

As an exercise, I took the method in libvirt/config.py and removed
everything except the flow-control keywords (ie the things that affect
the McCabe complexity): http://paste.openstack.org/show/121589/ - I
would find it difficult to hold all that in my head at once. It's
possible to argue that this is a false-positive, but my experience is
that this tool finds code which need improvement.

That said, these should be descriptive metrics rather than
prescriptive targets. There are products which chart a codebase's
evolution over time, such as www.sonarsource.com, which are really
great for provoking thought and conversation about code quality. Now
I'm interested, I'll have a look into it.


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