On Fri, 17 Oct 2014, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

IMHO this tool is of pretty dubious value. I mean that function is long
for sure, but it is by no means a serious problem in the Nova libvirt
codebase. The stuff it complains about in the libvirt/config.py file is
just incredibly stupid thing to highlight.

I find a lot of the OpenStack code very hard to read. If it is very
hard to read it is very hard to maintain, whether that means fix or

That said, the value I see in these kinds of tools is not
specifically in preventing complexity, but in providing entry points
for people who want to fix things. You don't know where to start
(because you haven't yet got the insight or experience): run
flake8 or pylint or some other tools, do what it tells you. In the
process you will:

* learn more about the code
* probably find bugs
* make an incremental improvement to something that needs it

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