Hi all,

I have a question re the deprecation strategy for the request_id module,
which was identified as a candidate for removal in Doug's recent message[1],
as it's moved from oslo-incubator to oslo.middleware.

The problem I see is that oslo-incubator deprecated this in Juno, but
(AFAICS) all projects shipped Juno without the versionutils deprecation
warning sync'd [2]

Thus, we can't remove the local openstack.common.middleware.request_id, or
operators upgrading from Juno to Kilo without changing their api-paste.ini
files will experience breakage without any deprecation warning.

I'm sure I've read and been told that all backwards incompatible config
file changes require a deprecation period of at least one cycle, so does
this mean all projects just sync the Juno oslo-incubator request_id into
their kilo trees, leave it there until kilo releases, while simultaneously
switching their API configs to point to oslo.middleware?

Guidance on how to proceed would be great, if folks have thoughts on how
best to handle this.



[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-October/048303.html

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