As hopefully everyone is aware by now, the format of this summit will
be somewhat different from previous summits. Monday will be dedicated
to an Ops Summit, and Tuesday is dedicated to cross-project
discussions. Wednesday and Thursday are project-specific design
tracks, and on Friday projects have informal meetups for either half
or the whole day.

Ironic will have one slot in the Ops summit, five slots in the Dev
summit, an unconference-style half day on Friday, and a pod for the
week where we can gather to discuss or hack on code, review specs, or
otherwise plan to take over the world [1]. The five slots in the dev
summit will have the most external visibility and so present the
greatest opportunity for us to get feedback from and share our plans
with the wider community of users, driver developers, potential new
developers, and core developers on other OpenStack projects.

We've had about 30 proposals for discussion topics [2], and so we'll
use the meeting time today to go over that. Keeping in mind that I
would like to schedule each topic in a time and space where we will
get the most benefit from engaging with that particular type of
audience, I have prepared a draft schedule, on the second tab of [2].

I have also noted any presentations that I've found in the main
conference on the third tab; please add to it if I missed any.




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