I made a similar comment to the Triple-O design summmit etherpad in hopes
others have a similar interest in Kilo but I wanted to share evangelize my
thoughts with the community for discussion:

For better or for worse, one thing I've heard over and over is how
Openstack community/TC approves/prefers the use of TripleO and Ironic to
deploy Openstack on bare metal. Cool, but for the majority of users
considering using Openstack in their organization, the question always goes
back to: If I'm not savvy enough yet to install Openstack without these
tools, how do I setup TripleO and Ironic? Seems like a chien and egg thing.

There has not been much discussion (that I've noticed) re making a
deployment process easy to erect. That should be the easy part but it's as
confusing as the second part for most who are starting out. Using Openstack
to deploy Openstack means the installer method should be straight forward
and itself should be easy to install for users with limited understanding
of Openstack or the tooling methods used by OOO and Ironic. But the bar to
use Openstack continues to be a relatively-high engineering hurdle. It
always has been and I'd love to see that change in the next cycle.

Something that comes to mind:

   - Setup Process Definition
   - Quickstart Wizards
   - Tooling

The above may seem to be dumbing down the process but widespread Openstack
adoption requires an easy on-boarding process and so far, it simply doesn't


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