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> Hi all,
> I took an action item in one of the meetings to try and find a
> date/time/space to do another NFV BoF session for Paris to take advantage of
> the fact that many of us will be in attendance for a face to face session.
> To try and avoid clashing with the general and design summit sessions I am
> proposing that we meet either before the sessions start one morning, during
> the lunch break, or after the sessions finish for the day. For the lunch
> sessions the meeting would be shorter to ensure people actually have time to
> grab lunch beforehand.
> I've put together a form here, please register your preferred date/time if
> you would be interested in attending an NFV BoF session:
>     http://doodle.com/qchvmn4sw5x39cps
> I will try and work out the *where* once we have a clear picture of the
> preferences for the above. We can discuss further in the weekly meeting.
> Thanks!
> Steve
> [1]
> https://openstacksummitnovember2014paris.sched.org/event/f5bcb6033064494390342031e48747e3#.VEWEIOKmhkM

Hi all,

I have just noticed an update on a conversation I had been following on the 
community list:


It seems like after hours use of the venue will not be an option in Paris, 
though there may be some space available for BoF style activities on Wednesday. 
I also noticed this "Win the telco BoF" session on the summit schedule for the 
creation of a *new* working group:


Does anyone know anything about this? It's unclear if this is the appropriate 
place to discuss the planning and development activities we've been working on. 
Let's discuss further in the meeting tomorrow.



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