Hey all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I decided to leave Rackspace to 
pursue another opportunity. My last day was last Friday. I won’t have much time 
for OpenStack, but I’m going to continue to hang out in the channels. Having 
been involved in the project since day 1, I’m going to find it difficult to 
fully walk away. I really don’t know how much I’ll continue to stay involved. I 
am completely burned out on nova. However, I’d really like to see versioned 
objects broken out into oslo and Ironic synced with nova’s object advancements. 
So, if I work on anything, it’ll probably be related to that.

Cells will be left in a lot of capable hands. I have shared some thoughts with 
people on how I think we can proceed to make it ‘the way’ in nova. I’m going to 
work on documenting some of this in an etherpad so the thoughts aren’t lost.

Anyway, it’s been fun… the project has grown like crazy! Keep on trucking... 
And while I won’t be active much, don’t be afraid to ping me!

- Chris

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