Thanks for your work on cells in OpenStack nova... we're heavily exploiting it 
to scale out the CERN cloud.


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> Subject: [openstack-dev] Taking a break..
> Hey all,
> Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I decided to leave Rackspace to
> pursue another opportunity. My last day was last Friday. I won’t have much 
> time
> for OpenStack, but I’m going to continue to hang out in the channels. Having
> been involved in the project since day 1, I’m going to find it difficult to 
> fully walk
> away. I really don’t know how much I’ll continue to stay involved. I am
> completely burned out on nova. However, I’d really like to see versioned 
> objects
> broken out into oslo and Ironic synced with nova’s object advancements. So, 
> if I
> work on anything, it’ll probably be related to that.
> Cells will be left in a lot of capable hands. I have shared some thoughts with
> people on how I think we can proceed to make it ‘the way’ in nova. I’m going 
> to
> work on documenting some of this in an etherpad so the thoughts aren’t lost.
> Anyway, it’s been fun… the project has grown like crazy! Keep on trucking... 
> And
> while I won’t be active much, don’t be afraid to ping me!
> - Chris
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