So this should work and I think its generally good.

But - I'm curious, you only need a single image for devtest to
experiment with tuskar - the seed - which should be about the same
speed (or faster, if you have hot caches) than devstack, and you'll
get Ironic and nodes registered so that the panels have stuff to show.


On 28 October 2014 11:16, Steven Hardy <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Lately I've been spending a lot more time digging into TripleO and Tuskar,
> and started looking for a way to spin up simple tests (and in particular,
> play with Tuskar UI/API) without necessarily having the overhead of setting
> up a full devtest environment every time.
> So I decided to hack on a patch which automates starting tuskar-api via
> devstack, here's a quick HOWTO if you want to try it:
> 1. Pull devstack patch
> 2. Add t-api to localrc
>     "enable_service t-api"
>     Here's my example (Ironic enabled) localrc:
> 3. Add tuskar roles
>     git clone git://
>     cd tripleo-heat-templates·
>     tuskar-load-roles --config-file /etc/tuskar/tuskar.conf -r compute.yaml 
> -r controller.yaml
> 3. clone+install tuskar-ui
>     git clone git://
>     cd tuskar-ui
>     python install
> 4. Copy tuskar-ui horizon config
>     cp ~/tuskar-ui/
> /opt/stack/horizon/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled/
>     sudo systemctl restart httpd.service
> This provides a basically functional tuskar API and UI, which is enough for
> basic testing of tuskar, tuskarclient and (to some extent) the UI.
> I hit some issues, please let me know if new bugs are needed for these, or
> if you can suggest solutions:
> 1. UI Infrastructure->Overview page always says No controller/compute node,
>    even though both roles are loaded
> 2. UI Service configuration has no content at all
> 3. UI Deployment Roles page says "Metering service is not enabled.", but
>    ceilometer is installed and active
> 4. UI: If, Ironic isn't available for any reason, you get a big error from the
>    "Nodes" page of the UI
> 5. API: You can't create or modify roles via the API, or even view the
> content of the role after creating it
> 6. After running tuskar-load-roles, the overcloud_roles table is always
> empty (related to 1?)
> I'd be interested in peoples thoughts about this general approach - ideally
> I'd like to end up at a point where you could launch an overcloud template
> directly via heat on devstack (with ironic enabled and the appropriate
> controller/compute images in glance obviously) - has anyone else tried
> that?
> Steve
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