On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 03:22:36PM +1300, Robert Collins wrote:
> So this should work and I think its generally good.
> But - I'm curious, you only need a single image for devtest to
> experiment with tuskar - the seed - which should be about the same
> speed (or faster, if you have hot caches) than devstack, and you'll
> get Ironic and nodes registered so that the panels have stuff to show.

TBH it's not so much about speed (although, for me, devstack is faster as
I've not yet mirrored all-the-things locally, I only have a squid cache),
it's about establishing a productive test/debug/hack/re-test workflow.

I've been configuring devstack to create Ironic nodes FWIW, so that works
OK too.

It's entirely possible I'm missing some key information on how to compose
my images to be debug friendly, but here's my devtest frustration:

1. Run devtest to create seed + overcloud
2. Hit an issue, say a Heat bug (not that *those* ever happen! ;D)
3. Log onto seed VM to debug the issue.  Discover there are no logs.
4. Restart the heat-engine logging somewhere
5. Realize heat-engine isn't quite latest master
6. Git pull heat, discover networking won't allow it
7. scp latest master from my laptop->VM
8. setup.py install, discover the dependencies aren't all there
9. Give up and try to recreate issue on devstack

I'm aware there are probably solutions to all of these problems, but my
point is basically that devstack on my laptop already solves all of them,
so... maybe I can just use that?  That's my thinking, anyway.

E.g here's my tried, tested and comfortable workflow:

1. Run stack.sh on my laptop
2. Do a heat stack-create
3. Hit a problem, look at screen logs
4. Fix problem, restart heat, re-test, git-review, done!

I realize I'm swimming against the tide a bit here, so feel free to educate
me if there's an easier way to reduce the developer friction that exists
with devtest :)

Anyway, that's how I got here, frustration debugging Heat turned into
integrating tuskar with devstack, because I wanted to avoid the same
experience while hacking on tuskar, basically.



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