Recently I have tried plugins feature which was implemented for 6.x
release. And that was really pleasant experience. Plugins work almost
out-of-the box. I was able to implement Cinder with NetApp backend
installation and configuration as a separate Fuel plugin.

Current simple implementation (with pre- and post-deployment
customizations) covers around 30% of our use cases. Obviously this will
cover all cases that require OpenStack configuration file changes (e.g.
custom Cinder backend, LDAP integration e.t.c).

Next things that will cover  significant amount of our use cases is ability
to add custom roles and modify node provisioning parameters. I'm looking
forward to trying those features out.

I'd like to thank Fuel team for implementation such desirable feature.
Plugins will definitely  help to increase flexibility of MOS. Great job!

Kind regards
Dmitry Ukov
IT Engineer
Mirantis, Inc.
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