On Sat, 8 Nov 2014, Kashyap Chamarthy wrote:

[I realize you intend to use physical machine for DevStack, still I
thought I'd post this here.]

Thanks for posting it. Each added datapoint will get us closer.

FWIW, this[1] is the minimal localrc contents (be sure to edit

That's minimal? :)

Once the stack.sh is complete, I do some tasks Neutron expects:

 - Create a new private network
 - Create a new private subnet (on the above private network)
 - Create a router
 - Associate the router to an existing external network by setting it
   as its gateway
 - Associate the private network interface to the router
 - Add Neutron security group rules for ICMP and SSH

For devstack to live up to the "dev" in its name the above steps are
something I would expect devstack to do for me, assuming I set the
right varables and enabled the right services in local.conf.

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