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> I am reading Fuel reference-architecture documentation in the below link:
> http://docs.mirantis.com/openstack/fuel/fuel-5.1/reference-architecture.html#openstack-environment-architecture
> In the page no 2 note says:
> Note
> In environments that use vCenter as the hypervisor, the Nova-compute service 
> can run only on Controller nodes. 
> Is it specific to Fuel? 
> Let say I deployed a environment (controller + compute + storage) with KVM as 
> the hypervisor and later manually doing all the necessary configuration 
> change to make compute node with vCenter as the hypervisor.  In this case 
> does Nova-compute (running in compute-node) service work with vCenter? 

This is Fuel specific. We’ve just decided to put nova-compute responsible to 
control vCenter on controller nodes. You can configure it on any node you want, 
similar to any other service. You just need to take care of access to vCenter 
control plane.

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