The outcome of the “Should Oslo continue to use alpha versions” session at the 
summit [1] was unclear, so I would like to continue the discussion here.

As we discussed at the summit, the primary reason for marking Oslo library 
releases as alphas was to indicate that the library is under development and 
not “stable”, so it should not be included in a deployment using stable 

I think we were very close to being able to say that Oslo could stop using 
Alpha versions for new library releases because we would pin the versions of 
libraries used in the stable branches to MAJOR.MINOR+1 to only allow bug-fix 
releases to appear in deployments using those branches. However, we will not 
(and perhaps cannot) pin the versions of client libraries, and some of the 
clients are now using oslo.utils and potentially other oslo libraries. This 
would either break the clients (if they used a feature of an oslo library not 
in the version of the library supported by the server) or the server (if the 
oslo library is upgraded and a setuptools requirements check notices or some 
feature has been removed from the oslo library).

We came to this realization just as we were running out of time for the 
session, so we did not come up with a solution. I wasn’t able to attend the 
stable branch session, so I am hoping that someone who was there will be able 
to explain a bit about the version pinning discussion and how that may, or may 
not, affect Oslo library versioning.


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