Jiri Tomasek <jtoma...@redhat.com> writes:

> Which tools should we use eventually:
> Based on the contributions by Maxime, Martin and the others, I think
> the list of tools should end up as follows:
> Tooling:
> npm
> bower
> gulp

While I find the design of Gulp strange, I'm sure it will do the job.
Someone said that the Angular teams is moving to it, so that is a +1 in
its favor.

> Jasmine
> Karma/Protractor(?)/eslint

I've used Protractor for my end-to-end tests and after getting to know
it, it works fine. It's my impression that it used to be annying to
getup selenium and actually writing this kind of tests -- with
Protractor you get up and running very quickly.

I don't have anything to compare it with, though, but it's the standard
for Angular development and that alone should be a strong hint.

Martin Geisler


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