On 11/12/2014 05:18 PM, Julie Pichon wrote:
On 12/11/14 15:12, Jiri Tomasek wrote:
Approach on using Xstatic packages vs Js tooling:

As only problem with using js tooling should be just actual packaging of
it, I think it makes sense to use these tools and make development
simpler then going other way around and using Xstatic packages - which
means devs would have to care about getting stuff packaged as xstatic
and added to the code, while maintaining proper versions and making sure
that they work ok together. NPM and Bower do this for us. Common sense
tells me packagers should take care of packaging.
Packaging of these tools will have to get resolved somehow anyway, as
there will be rise in requirements of using them not just from Horizon...
I can't speak for the rest but that part doesn't seem correct to me. The
XStatic packages are Python packages (as in, dependencies) that the
Horizon team is responsible for (when they don't already exist) and
maintains on stackforge, so we do have to create them and make sure they
all work well together. The later packaging as rpm or deb or others is
left to the distro packagers of course.

There are instructions already on how to create xstatic packages [1],
it's not very complicated and just takes some review time.




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I might have expressed myself wrong about XStatic packages. But as you say as well, to use XStatic packages, we need to most often create them and maintain the correct versions we require in Horizon and they don't help to packagers either. I makes sense to use them in Django application as they can be included in requirements.txt and we don't have to carry them directly in the code. So I am definitely ok to use them for Django dependencies we have.

Similar thing is npm and bower doing on the Angular side except for we don't have to create these libraries as they already exist. NPM and Bower are taking care of including the right versions of js libs our dev env and our application needs. They use similar description files as requirements.txt in Django.

It makes no sense not to use them and try to include js libraries using XStatic packages and listing them in requirements.txt because this way we don't know which version of js lib to use etc. NPM and bower are doing this for us.

In both approaches dependencies need to have packages in the end regadles of being it XStatic package or js library or Angular module.

It is about using the right tools for the job.

I see relation between Nodejs and js libs/tools and Angular app defining it's dependencies using NPM and Bower quite similar as Ruby, Rubygems and Rails application defining it's dependencies in Gemfile.lock. Rubygems are being packaged in distros, so why shouldn't node packages?


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